Department of Statistics, U.Va.

Colloquium Schedule

3:00 - 4:30  Clark 101 (Unless noted)

Spring 2015


January 23rd


David Stoffer
U. of Pittsburgh

January 26th

Staci White
Ohio State U.

January 30th

Lucy Xia
Princeton University

February 2nd
1:00 - CLK 101


James D. Wilson
U. of North Carolina


February 6th
3:15 -CLK 101


John Fricks
Penn State U.


"Statistics, Stochastic Models and Cellular Transport"

February 9th
12:45 - CLK 101

Gen Li
U. of North Carolina

March 6th

Hongtu Zhu
UNC- Chapel Hill


"Big Data Integration in Biomedical Studies: A Few Personal Views and Experiences"

March 20th
David Hoaglin
U. of Mass Medical School

"Some Common Misunderstandings
               of Multiple Regression?"                  

March 27th


Genevera Allen
Rice University


"Learning Markov Networks for Mixed Big Data:  Applications to Cancer Genomics"

April 3rd Samuel Wong
U. of Florida
                 "Protein loop prediction via sequential Monte Carlo and simultaneous side-chain filtering"


April 10th


Donna F. Stroup
Data for Solutions, Inc


"Statistical Issues in Assessing Hidden Populations for the World Health Organizations' HIV/AIDS Control Efforts"

April 24th Erkan Buzbas
U. of Idaho
       "Approximate Bayesian computation:  Inference from complex mechanistic models producing large-scale data"